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  • Dr.
    Nancy Johnson
    Owner and Veterinarian

    Education: Michigan State University, DVM 1984

    Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture & Advanced Veterinary Medical Manipulation by the Chi Institute.

    Hometown: Suburban Detroit, Michigan

    Favorite part of the job: Seeing happy families reunited with healthy pets after illness/trauma.

    Family: Daughter Dana, brother Rob, 5 horses, 5 chickens, 3 dogs and 7 cats.

    Hobbies: I spend my free time playing liberty games with horses, trail riding, Gaidhlig song, and reading.

    Superhero name and power: Mana Mamma – I can convince sick animals to eat.

  • Dr.
    Sarah Yamada

    Education: B.S. in Animal Sciences, Oregon State University,  2013

    DVM from Oregon State University, 2017

    Hometown: Eugene, OR

    Favorite Part of the job: Restoring quality of life to animals in trouble, especially difficult cases. 

    Family members: My parents Greg and Wendy, my younger brother Chris, my two cats Franklin and Max, and my parent's dog Sage. 

    Hobbies: Zumba, horseback riding, art, hiking and piano. 

    Superhero name and power: The Great Catzini; cat training.

  • Dr.
    Melissa Berman

    Education: B.S. Northern Arizona University, DVM University of Tennesse College of Veterinary Medicine, 2019

    Hometown: Bullhead City, Arizona

    Favorite part of the job: I have a major soft spot for the misfits; tri-'pawds', deaf, blind etc. 

    Family: Mom, Carrie, Sister, Ruthie, Dad, Howard four uncles and an uncountable number of cousins. 

    Hobbies: Rock climbing, Netflix binging, open mic nights and refilling my coffee cup. 

    Superhero name and power: The Musical Polyglot - the ability to speak any language or play any instrument. 

  • Dana Bredeweg
    Hospital Administrator

    Education: University of Oregon, BA in Journalism and Communication 2016. Dana is now a MBA candidate at the University of Oregon's Lundquist College of Business

    Hometown: Eugene, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Working with such an enthusiastic and dedicated team who is always looking for ways to improve.

    Family: Mom Nancy, partner Jose and our fur babies; Everest, Geri, Leslie & Ori.

    Hobbies: When I am not playing with animals, you can find me hiking, lifting weights, watching awful films on Netflix and touring Oregon breweries.

    Superhero name and power: Musical Gal - I can make almost any situation into a musical!

  • Steve H
    Veterinary Technician

    Education: Rend Lake College, CNA

    Hometown: Pinckneyville, IL

    Favorite part of the job: From a technical standpoint, I find clinical pathology and parasitology the most fascinating. With dentistry as a close second. From a client care point of view, removing a client's apprehension and replacing it with gratitude and appreciation for the care you have given to their beloved pet. 

    Family: Two sisters and one brother and my father. I live with my geriatric cat, Speed Racer, a handsome, lovable boxer mix named Halford and a big German Shepherd named Blaze. The dogs rescued me. 

    Hobbies: Music is everything to me, so I am unsure that something as vital as food and water can be called a hobby. Listening, creating, collecting records, building instruments and recording music are my first love. I also love to get lost in nature. 

    Superhero name and power: Knucklehead Supreme. Negating negativity and thwarting ne'er do wells and buzzkills with ridiculous rhymes. 

  • Dakotah B
    Veterinary Technician

    Education: University of Maine, BA in Psychology

    Carrington College, Associates of Vet Tech

    Hometown: Concord, NH

    Favorite part of the job: Being able to help animals and their humans. 

    Family: Jazz, my 13 year old Golden Retriever Mix

    Hobbies: D&D, writing, reading, kayaking and baking. 

    Superhero name and power: Cinema Woman - Able to make perfectly timed movie quotes.

  • Jerrah K
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Education: Oregon State University, BS in Biology with a minor in Business, CVT license in 2002 and before that I worked as a cleaning assistant, and assistant/receptionist.

    Hometown: Crow, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Having something different and unexpected every day. Working with pets and their people to improve their lives and being a source of information for them.

    Family: Kids, partner, a labrador, a french bull dog, an elderly cat and 3 well loved nubian goats. 

    Hobbies: Jiu-jitsu, goat walks, gardening, hiking and random fact sleuthing. 

    Superhero name and power: Sure Shot 

  • Debbie C
    Receptionist & Veterinary Assistant

    Education: 14 years on the job.

    Hometown: Springfield, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Being able to help pets and their owners. I love my job.

    Family: My kitty, Pretty, daughter, Son in Law, Oscar and grandchildren, Corina, Abril and Andrew. They are the loves of my life.

    Hobbies: Working outside in the yard, going to the woods, spending time with my family and reading.

    Superhero name and power: Cat Whisperer- I am great at calming spirited kitties.

  • Tyler S
    Veterinary Assistant & Receptionist

    Education: Florida State University, Bachelors

    Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

    Favorite part of the job: Working with animals and fellow animal lovers. I love continuing education and learning things on the job. 

    Family: Saxon, my lab, Thera, my kitty and Catherine, my girlfriend.

    Hobbies: Hiking, fishing, beer tasting, photography and reading.

    Superhero name and power: Big T, Time Travel

  • Wendy S

    Education: Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Oregon

    Lifetime Oregon Nurseryman

    One year accounting at LCC

    Hometown: Eugene, Salem (I was born in Utah)

    Favorite part of the job: Meeting people are their pets. Pet antics, especially dogs that smile and cats whose meows sound like human words.

    Family: Minnie, my cat, Rob, my son, Rachel, my daughter and my grandchildren.

    Hobbies: Gardening, reading (especially award-winning fiction), and holiday decorating.

    Superhero name and power: Queen of Halloween – the ability to fill every room in my home with awesome second-hand Halloween delights and sights.

  • Rebekah N
    Veterinary Assistant & Receptionist

    Education: Animal science at TVCC

    Hometown: Harrisburg/Eugene, OR

    Favorite part of the job: I love to snuggle the animals. I love to nurse animals back to health. There is always something new to learn. 

    Family: Noah, my son and Dakota, my leopard appaloosa.

    Hobbies: Horseback riding, drawing, playing music and hunting. I am a western artsy gal!

    Superhero name and power: Wonderwoman/Superwoman. My grandpa nicknamed me that since I had Noah because I am strong and tough. I also work till I drop, I try to take on more than needed. Being a mom has made me strong in many ways.  

  • Midge N

    Education: University of Idaho, BFA in Graphic Design

    Hometown: Lindsay, CA

    Favorite part of the job: Helping animals and their people feel better and stay healthy. 

    Family: The dogs; Sam, Cocoa, Ozzy, Jack, Maggie, and Timmy. The cats; Loki, Sheeba, and Jagger. My human son Charlie and my other half Dave. 

    Hobbies: Art, music, nature, animals and theater. 

    Superhero name and power: Mighty Midge with Dynomite Personality!

  • Michelle A
    Veterinary Assistant & Receptionist

    Education: Over 13 years spent in veterinary medicine. 

    Hometown: Hillsboro, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Supporting the priceless relationship between pets and their people. 

    Family: Husband, two daughters, and my feline California Girl

    Hobbies: Digging in the garden and exploring the PNW.

    Superhero name and power: There are just too many super powers to choose from. :)

  • Lukas T
    Veterinary Assistant

    Hometown: Springfield, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Getting to work with and help animals. 

    Family: My mom Daphne, dad David, sister Bre, brother Nate, chihuahua Leyla, cockapoo Chewie, Siamese cat Pippin and bearded dragon Ares. 

    Hobbies: Playing DND and painting miniatures. 

    Superhero name and power: Dogman. I am really 12 dogs in a human costume.

  • Alysha S

    Educaction: San Juan College, AA in Human Services and Northern Arizona University, BA in Anthropology. I have also spent 10 years in social services. 

    Hometown: Farmington, NM

    Favorite part of the job: Seeing how much humans love and care for their pets, and seeing them leave feeling good about treatment, care and the advice they have received. 

    Family: Koda Bear, my jack russel terrier; Baxter Bug, my chiweenie, 4 sisters (1 biological and 3 adopted), mom, dad and my friends that I consider family. 

    Hobbies: Hiking, traveling, exploring, cooking, watching superhero movies (especially everything marvel), roller skating, playing pinball, board games and watercolor painting. 

    Superhero name and power: Souper Cook! I pride myself on my ability to make a meal out of random things I find in my kitchen. I would also love to be a contestant on Chopped one day. 

  • Eva M
    Veterinary Assistant

    Education: High School diploma, also studied at Lane, Linn-Benton and Chemeketa Community College. 

    Hometown: Coos Bay, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Getting to learn new things every day while working with animals. 

    Family: Toru & Apollo kitties, and my partner Matt. 

    Hobbies: Foraging, hiking, painting, going to music concerts and hanging out with family and friends. 

    Superhero name and power: The Foraging Fairy - I can locate and identify various plants and fungi of the forest.

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