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  • Dr.
    Nancy Johnson
    Owner and Veterinarian

    Education: Michigan State University, DVM 1984

    Certified in Veterinary Acupuncture by the Chi Institute in 2013

    Hometown: Suburban Detroit, Michigan

    Favorite part of the job: Seeing happy families reunited with healthy pets after illness/trauma.

    Family: Daughter Dana, brother Rob, 5 horses, 5 chickens, 3 dogs and 7 cats.

    Hobbies: I spend my free time playing liberty games with horses, trail riding, Gaidhlig song, and reading.

    Superhero name and power: Mana Mamma – I can convince sick animals to eat.

  • Dr.
    Sarah Yamada

    Education: B.S. in Animal Sciences, Oregon State University,  2013

    DVM from Oregon State University, 2017

    Hometown: Eugene, OR

    Favorite Part of the job: Restoring quality of life to animals in trouble, especially difficult cases. 

    Family members: My parents Greg and Wendy, my younger brother Chris, my two cats Franklin and Max, and my parent's dog Sage. 

    Hobbies: Zumba, horseback riding, art, hiking and piano. 

    Superhero name and power: The Great Catzini; cat training.

  • Dana
    Practice Manager

    Education: University of Oregon, Bachelors in Journalism and Communication 2016

    Hometown: Eugene, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Working with such an enthusiastic and dedicated team who is always looking for ways to improve.

    Family: Mom Nancy, partner Jose and our fur babies; Everest, Geri, Leslie & Ori.

    Hobbies: When I am not playing with animals, you can find me hiking, lifting weights, watching awful films on Netflix and touring Oregon breweries.

    Superhero name and power: Musical Gal - I can make almost any situation into a musical!

  • Debbie
    Receptionist & Veterinary Assistant

    Education: 14 years on the job.

    Hometown: Springfield, OR

    Favorite part of the job: Being able to help pets and their owners. I love my job.

    Family: My kitty, Pretty, daughter, Son in Law, Oscar and grandchildren, Corina, Abril and Andrew. They are the loves of my life.

    Hobbies: Working outside in the yard, going to the woods, spending time with my family and reading.

    Superhero name and power: Cat Whisperer- I am great at calming spirited kitties.

  • Tyler
    Veterinary Assistant

    Education: Florida State University, Bachelors

    Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

    Favorite part of the job: Clinic work and all the animal cuddles.

    Family: Saxon, my lab, Thera, my kitty and Catherine, my girlfriend.

    Hobbies: Hiking, fishing and reading.

    Superhero name and power: The Doctor, Time Travel

  • Molly
    Certified Veterinary Technician

    Education: CVT since 2005

    Hometown: West Seneca, NY

    Favorite part of the job: All aspects of care, especially having a patient very injured or sick walk out of the hospital happy and healthy.

    Family: Brian, my husband and all the beautiful furry and feathered friends here in Oregon.

    Hobbies: Bird watching, hiking and playing on the beach.

    Superhero name and power: It’s classified.

  • Wendy Sabin

    Education: Bachelor in Psychology from the University of Oregon

    Lifetime Oregon Nurseryman

    One year accounting at LCC

    Hometown: Eugene, Salem (I was born in Utah)

    Favorite part of the job: Meeting people are their pets. Pet antics, especially dogs that smile and cats whose meows sound like human words.

    Family: Minnie, my cat, Rob, my son, Rachel, my daughter and my grandchildren.

    Hobbies: Gardening, reading (especially award-winning fiction), and holiday decorating.

    Superhero name and power: Queen of Halloween – the ability to fill every room in my home with awesome second-hand Halloween delights and sights.

  • Katie

    Education: Bachelors in Criminal Justice

    Hometown: Whitefish, MT

    Favorite part of the job: Pets leaving feeling better than when they came in. Clients leaving with hope.

    Family: Stephen, Jack, Jessa, Betty & Digit.

    Hobbies: Family, camping & writing.

    Superhero name and power: Super Stresser Girl – I can turn the most mundane event into a panic attack, which quickly deescalates to nothing once more.

  • Cassidy

    Education: BA in Journalism: Advertising and Cinema Studies

    Hometown: Portland OR

    Favorite part of the job: All the cute furry faces!

    Family:Partner Molly and maltipoo Alfie

    Hobbies: Karaoke and binge-watching bones.

    Superhero name and power: Megaphone- ability to sound like many voices at once.

  • Matthew
    Veterinary Assistant


    San Jacinto College, TX

    University of Utah Park City, UT for 20 years

    14 years of tech work at Silver Creek Animal Clinic

    Hometown: Baltimore, MD

    Park City, UT for 20 years

    Favorite part of the job: Phlebotomy, radiography and gentle restraint.

    Family: Wife Trey, Daughter Taylor, Dogs, Jack, Hannah, Marley & Layla; Cats, Kodak, Riddy & Briggs.

    Hobbies: Skiing, bikejoring, singing and playing guitar.

    Superhero name and power: The Freeze – I can help animals feel calm during their exams and treatment.

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