Pet Wellness Exam

Pet wellness exams are an integral part of taking care of your pet. During this exam, our veterinarians at The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene will check your pet for health problems and perform a physical examination. Let’s learn a bit more about pet wellness exams and what you can expect.

Pet Wellness Exam

The Importance of Pet Wellness Exams

A pet wellness exam is part of preventative healthcare for your furry companion. With regular checkups by a veterinarian, we can identify health or behavioral concerns and take action to help keep your pet healthy and happy. During a pet wellness exam, our veterinarians will carefully examine your pet for any signs of illness or injury. We will also ask questions about your pet’s diet, lifestyle, and any changes you have noticed in your pet’s behavior.

What Happens During A Pet Wellness Exam?

As we mentioned, a wellness exam is provided for preventative care and to take action immediately for any health or behavioral issues. Exams always begin with a review of your pet's medical history. It's also an excellent time to ask questions or bring up concerns about your pet's lifestyle. A nose-to-tail examination is conducted, checking your pet's coat, skin, eyes, ears, and mouth.

We will also check the vital organs, take your pet's temperature, and check his weight and pulse. Our veterinary team may suggest nutritional advice, give tips on dental hygiene, or how to manage weight. Further tests could also be conducted in follow-up appointments, like blood work to test for parasites. Finally, we will ensure your pet is up to date on his vaccination schedule.

Frequency of Pet Wellness Exams

Pets of all ages can benefit from a wellness exam. It's important with puppies and kittens because they are still growing and require additional care. A good time to start getting your pet's wellness exam is when he is six months old or before you plan on breeding him. Pets that have reached adulthood should continue to have wellness exams at least once a year, though some may require more frequent visits based on their age or health.

Contact Our Veterinary Team in Eugene, OR

If you have questions about pet wellness exams, don't hesitate to contact our veterinarians at The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene. We are here to help keep your furry friend healthy and happy for years to come. We provide comprehensive veterinary care services, ranging from preventative care like pet wellness exams to emergency visits. Call our team today at (541) 688-1835 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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