Microchipping FAQs

If you’re worried about microchipping your pet, worry no more. Microchipping is a safe, pain-free, effective means of identifying and reuniting with your pet if he should get lost. These FAQs from The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene, OR, explain more about this procedure.


What is microchipping?

Microchipping involves inserting a tiny, electronic chip containing an ID number under your pet’s skin to help identify him if he gets lost. This ID number is put into a pet registry along with your contact information. A microchip scanner is used to read the number of your pet’s chip. This number is then matched with your contact details to help your pet find his way home.

Does microchipping hurt my pet?

Microchipping is a fairly painless procedure, similar to a routine vaccination. Our veterinarian will inject the chip under your pet’s skin where it will remain safe and sound for the duration of your pet’s life. Microchipping does not require pet surgery or other invasive procedure. The process takes only seconds, but is highly effective in protecting your pet.

Can a microchip track my pet?

Microchips aren’t designed for tracking the whereabouts of your pet. They are special implants that help identify your dog or cat in the event he gets lost. As the chip doesn’t have a battery, it doesn’t need recharging or replacing and it never wears out.  

If my pet has a collar and tags, does he still need a microchip?

Collars and tags are important for pets to wear, even when said pets have also been microchipped. However, collars can break and fall off, leaving your pet with no means of identification if he runs away or gets lost. In contrast, microchips are permanent fixtures under your pet’s skin that cannot fall out or be easily removed.

Does microchipping my pet compromise my privacy? Can anyone gain access to my personal contact information?

Microchipping your pet does not compromise your privacy as protections are in place to prevent random people from gaining access to your personal information. This information is only used to notify you that your pet has been found so he can be returned home. On top of that, the only information that gets stored within a pet microchip database is what contact information you choose to provide. Your pet’s chip can only be read by someone who has a microchip scanner, which is usually a professional veterinarian or animal shelter personnel whose only interest is in helping owners find their lost pets.

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At The Veterinary Hospital, we offer a variety of vet care services ranging from microchipping to preventative care to pet surgery. To schedule an appointment for microchipping or other pet care needs, contact our veterinarian in Eugene, OR at (541) 688-1835 today.

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