The Importance of Pet Microchipping

Losing your pet can be very traumatic and stressful, especially if there is no way to locate the animal. Pets get lost or stolen often which is why it is necessary to have them microchipped. Microchipping pets makes it easier to find them when they go missing. To avoid all the stress that comes with losing our precious animals, our team at The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene offers pet microchipping services. If you are looking for quality veterinarian treatment, contact our clinic today.


What Is Pet Microchipping?

Some pet owners use collars and ID tags to protect their pets, but the two are not foolproof and can easily fall off and get lost. To avoid your pet ending up unidentified and a lost stray in animal shelters, it is important to consider using a microchip which is much safer and effective. Pet microchipping is using a tiny, implantable computer chip to encode a unique identification number with information about a pet. When your pet is found lost somewhere, the microchip acts as an inexpensive way to give your pet a voice, so that it is easy to identify where the pet is.

Importance of Microchipping

Microchips are a permanent identification. So, once the chip is implanted and registered, it can’t be easily altered or reprogrammed. Microchipping your pet is necessary for travel as most animal shelters and veterinary clinics have universal scanners. The number on the chip helps bring your pet back home.

Microchipping is also very easy, quick, painless, and is probably one of the first things any responsible pet owner should do. If your pet is stolen, the microchip acts as definitive proof of ownership, especially if there is a dispute. Microchipping your pet increases the probability of getting him or her back home. Since these chips last a lifetime, they are a sure security system.

What Happens During and After Microchipping

The implant is placed inside a device that resembles an immunization needle. Our veterinarian will determine the best location for the implant so your pet is unable to access it after it is placed. This is usually the area between the pet's shoulder blades as it is difficult for the animal to scratch or bite this part of the body. The implant is pushed into the skin and remains in place underneath several layers. Your pet will only experience mild discomfort after the chip is placed. The area will heal quickly and your pet will not feel the chip at all. If your pet is found and brought to a humane society or vet's office, a reader is used to determine whether a chip is in place. You will then be contacted to pick up your pet.

Visit Us to Get Your Pet Microchipped

At The Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s safety and care is our priority. Visit us today to get your pet microchipped professionally. Our goal is to give our patients the best quality of care to ensure they live happy and healthy lives. Call our office today at (541) 688-1835 to find out more about the services we offer to pets in the Eugene area.

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