Pet Allergies

When you notice that your beloved pet is bringing up symptoms of nasal congestion, sore throat, and sneezing, you may feel like your only options are rehoming the pet or confining the pet to specific quarters in your home. At The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene, OR, we know that plenty of pet owners face this difficult predicament with their four-footed friends. Pet allergies can be devastating for owners, family members, and pets alike.

While it’s not an easy problem to deal with, it is not an impossible one to relieve. It may not be possible to totally cure pet allergies in many cases, but it is possible to manage this issue so that you can keep your pet in the family and not have to resort to the painful task of removing a pet from their home.


What Are Pet Allergies?

Simply put, pet allergies involve an allergic reaction that is caused by specific proteins that are found in pet fur, dander, and saliva. When someone is experiencing pet allergies, he can have a wide range of different symptoms.

If you have mild pet allergies, you may notice that your sinuses feel slightly inflamed when you come home after spending time with pets at a friend’s house. If you have severe pet allergies, you may experience full blockage of the nasal passages or sneezing attacks around pets that trigger your allergies. In mild cases, you may not even notice that you have pet allergies. Naturally, more severe cases will make it very hard not to notice the symptoms of your pet allergy.

Common symptoms of pet allergies include sneezing, wheezing, coughing, nasal drainage, eyes that are irritated, itchy, or tearing up, pain or pressure in the face, eczema, hives (raised welts on the skin), and even itchiness of the skin.

If I Have Pet Allergies, Does that Mean I Can’t Have Pets?

While pet allergies can make it more challenging to own pets, most pet allergies do not prohibit one from having pets. There are also some breeds of animals that are less prone to triggering symptoms. Additionally, there are some diets and grooming habits that can help to reduce allergens on pets. There are also some treatments for humans with pet allergies.

If you don’t have pets, you may want to talk to your doctor before getting a pet if you have allergies. If you already have pets, you should work with a veterinarian on our team to reduce allergens and allergy symptoms if possible.

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