Digestive Issues in Pets

Just like humans, pets can experience digestive issues like an upset stomach or more severe conditions, such as IBS. At The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene, OR, we provide various treatments to relieve any discomfort your cat or dog is experiencing and improve its overall health. Before visiting us, learn about some common causes and symptoms of digestive issues in pets below: 

Digestive Issues in Pets

Causes of Digestive Issues in Pets

When your pet isn’t feeling, it is important to determine what is causing his or her discomfort. Some causes of digestive issues in your pet may include:

    • Parasites
    • Diet
    • Stress
    • Dehydration
    • Infection
    • Food allergy
    • Medical conditions

Symptoms of Pet Digestive Issues

As a pet owner, you are aware of your cat or dog’s normal behavior, which makes it easier to notice changes in its habits that can indicate that its not feeling well. While some mild stomach problems can resolve on their own, early detection can prevent complications and keep your pet happy and healthy. Some symptoms of pet digestive issues include the following:

    • Vomiting
    • Bloating and flatulence
    • Diarrhea
    • Lethargy
    • Changes in appetite and food intake
    • Blood in your pet’s vomit or stool
    • Fever

Treatment for Digestive Issues in Pets

If you suspect any digestive problems in your pet, we recommend consulting with our veterinarians. Your pet’s treatment will depend on the cause and severity of the digestive issue. A common cause of an upset stomach is switching to a new food brand. The change can temporarily result in diarrhea or make your cat or dog vomit. This problem is usually mild and your pet will feel better and he adjusts to the new diet or if you switch back to the previous brand. Some treatments our vets may recommend for relief include:

    • Medication
    • Diet modifications
    • Water to keep your pet hydrated
    • IV Therapy for nutrients and hydration

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When your pet is sick, it’s essential to have a reliable veterinary clinic near you that you can rely on. If you’ve noticed any symptoms of digestive issues in your pet, contact The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene, OR, at (541) 243-7677 to set an appointment. We can identify and treat various medical issues to help your furry friend feel its best. When you need a chiropractor near me, our team looks forward to assisting you!

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