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A common medical issue among felines and canines is eye infections. An eye infection can be painful and uncomfortable, causing your pet to be irritable and stressed. If left untreated, an eye infection can result in more serious health issues. Various types of eye infections are common among pets, including an inflamed cornea, pink eye (conjunctivitis), issues with tear glands, inflamed inner eye structures, and abnormalities of the eyelid.

Pet Eye Infections

Treating an eye infection is determined by what is causing the eye or eyes to become irritated and infected. For this reason, a visit to our hospital and a check-up of the eyes by our veterinarian is recommended. Many things can contribute to an eye infection. Some of the most common causes include fungal spores, parasites, allergens, debris, scratched or cut corneas, viruses, trauma, and bacteria.

Once the cause is diagnosed, a treatment plan is put into place, which may require a prescription for eye drops and antibiotics. If foreign matter is blocking the eye, it will be removed by the vet, and medication prescribed if needed. Like humans, pets can also have allergies, which will be treated with prescribed antihistamines. Pets may also have issues with blocked tear ducts. If this is the case with your pet, our veterinarian may recommend surgery.

Pet Eye Infection Symptoms

When a pet experiences an eye infection, there are many symptoms that your pet may exhibit. Depending on the cause of the infection, the type or types of symptoms your pet will develop can vary. Some things to watch for if you believe your pet has an eye infection include the following:

  • A swollen eye or swelling of the surrounding area
  • Pawing at the affected eye
  • The pet keeps its eyes closed
  • Avoidance of light
  • Watery discharge
  • Thick and smelly discharge
  • Excessive tears (runny eyes)
  • Excessive blinking or squinting
  • Redness of the eye or the area surrounding the eye

Your pet may exhibit one or more of these symptoms. If you observe any of them, it is recommended that you bring your pet in for a check-up by the vet.

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