Pet Eye Infections FAQs

Has your pet been squinting lately? Has he or she been hiding more than usual? It could be that your pet has an eye infection. Eye infections are common in pets, but most can be treated if detected in the early stages. The Veterinary Hospital in Eugene, OR, lists the answers to several questions we frequently receive regarding pet eye infections.


What Causes Pet Eye Infections?

The main cause of eye infection is that something is irritating the eye. Those things include very small objects like grass seed, allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses, tumors, a birth defect, or illnesses.

What Pets are More Prone to Eye Infections?

Pets with really long hair about the eyes are prone to eye infections since the hair and anything on the hair can get into the eyes. Dogs with large bulging eyes, like pugs or Pekingese, are also prone to eye infections because of the size of their eyes.

What are the Signs of Eye Infections in Pets?

Pets will keep the infected eye closed as much as possible. There may be swelling or redness. Discharge is common. It can be either watery or thick. The pet’s third eyelid may be seen more often than usual. Pets may constantly rub their eyes with their paws or rub their faces on the floor or across furniture.

Will an Eye Infection Change My Pet’s Behavior?

The pain of an eye infection usually transforms a pet from a playful, affectionate companion to an irritated animal that just wants to be left alone. Pets with eye infections often want to stay in dark areas, since they become very sensitive to light. Pets may not want to eat, play, or be petted. Pets will not want you to check their eyes and may bite or scratch because of the pain. Any major behavior change warrants a trip to the veterinarian.

How are Eye Infections in Pets Treated?

Treatment depends on the cause. Some causes can be treated with eye drops or ointments. Other causes, such as a birth defect of the eyelids that causes the eyelashes to constantly rub the eye, can only be treated with surgery.

Can an Eye Infection Cause My Pet to Go Blind?

Eye infections rarely get better on their own. Your pet needs to see a veterinarian right away. Not only can your pet go blind, but eye infections are very painful. Prompt treatment can greatly reduce the pain and improve your pet’s chances of retaining full vision.

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